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Liesel Angel was a bright little girl, but she didn’t have a choice.  

Neuroblastoma childhood cancer chose her and terminated her life on 3rd February 2012 at the tender age of  3 years and 5 months.  

Give and let's live !




Liesel Angel Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in March 2011 by Liesel’s mother, Lovia Ofori-Agyemang, and father, Francis Appiah-Baokye. The vision came about when little Liesel Angel contracted a childhood cancer called High Risk Neuroblastoma Stage IV.

After going through a year of treatment, Liesel was free of the disease, but it returned, and there was nothing else the medical professionals could do. 

Sadly, on 3 February 2012 Liesel Angel passed away, prompting the Liesel Angel Trust to bring relief to other children suffering from cancer.

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Our Vision

We received a vision to set up a children's charity to provide relief for children faced with life-threatening ailments and their families whilst medical professional do their part. 

At the time we received that vision, our little girl, Liesel Angel, was battling a childhood cancer at the tender age of eighteen months. Liesel had to undergo intensive treatment at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in Central London UK for more than a year. Initially we resisted the possibility that we might lose her. We also resisted the thought of setting up a charity to help others, but the more we resisted, the stronger the idea stirred in our minds.

Flashbacks of desperate parents in hospital wards broke our hearts and we vividly recalled putting our own fears aside and spending time encouraging other parents to have faith and hold on. In our own experience, faith helped us be strong for our little girl. Dealing with cancer in children requires serious medical intervention, a lot of faith, physical strength, and financial support. However, in parts of Africa and other developing countries, lack of resources inhibits medical treatment, and not having medicine threatens the lives of children.

Supporting Liesel Angel Trust promotes research into finding a cure for childhood cancer and helps provide comfort for children and families facing the most difficult situation of their lives. With your generous support, Liesel Angel Trust can support children and their families, both within the UK and elsewhere in the world.

Give a little one a chance by supporting us.

Give and let's live!

Founders, Lovia Ofori-Agyemang and Francis Appiah Boakye

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