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Liesel Angel was a bright little girl, but she didn’t have a choice.  

Neuroblastoma childhood cancer chose her and terminated her life on 3rd February 2012 at the tender age of  3 years and 5 months.  

Give and let's live !





Practical Support

We at Liesel Angel Trust provide hands-on support and relief for children faced with critical ailments and their families. Having been there ourselves, we appreciate the need to lend our ears, our hands, and our shoulders to lean on.

This is why we provide advocacy, counseling, domestic help, and personal support for critically ill children and their families.

If you need support with a critically sick child and would like to use our services, or if you’d like to find out more about the trust,  you can contact our office number 020 8538 0185 during the hours of 10-5pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively, you can email us at

Write to us at:

Liesel Angel Trust
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Our Services

One Touch Transport Services

In order to help alleviate the transportation problems of caring parents, Liesel Angel Trust’s one Touch Transport Services is designed to transport critically ill children and their families to and from their many hospital appointments. We also seek to pick up and drop siblings to and from school and run errands for families, such as shopping, prescription collection etc. 

Luncheon Vouchers for Subsidized Meals

Given the fact that most families fall into immediate financial problems when their child is hospitalized, a good balanced meal which will replenish their energy, sapped by both the emotional and physical care, becomes unaffordable.   Liesel Angel Trust will seek to provide subsidized luncheon vouchers for parents who stay in admission with their critically sick child.   This initiative will help to provide at least one perfect balanced meal per day per family. This will be funded from donations to the charity and funds we raise until we secure some help with the restaurants within the hospitals. 

Domestic and Bereavement Support

Parents of critically ill child/ren are always almost stressed with caring for their sick child/ren and also keeping up their domestic chores such as cleaning and washing.  Liesel Angel Trust will assist these families in the provision of needed domestic chores. Furthermore we will also provide bereavement support to terminally ill children and their families as and when they need it depending on our capability and resources.

Well Being Massage Therapy

From experience, parents of terminally ill children in hospital wards have benefitted enormously from the visit and use of massage therapists. The advantages of massage therapy  such as the promotion of positive well-being, prevention of illness, and boosts the natural way the body relieves itself of stress. Alongside relaxation, massage revitalizes the body and brings about a feel-good factor. This is why Liesel Angel Trust will offer free massage therapy delivered by professional Massage therapist who comes into the wards or home to provide parents of terminally sick child with daily massage as a means of stress relief.

Educational Objects

Knowledge and awareness of terminal diseases that affect children, such as cancer, is particularly low, thus denying the attention and the urgency it requires. We at Liesel Angel Trust believe that there is the need to raise awareness to this predicament. We will therefore organize seminars, workshops, symposia, lectures and other events to raise the awareness to this situation.  Furthermore we hope to use the media extensively in propagating our educational objectives such as the printing and distribution of literature and the use of social media. We intent to organize these events in the UK and particularly in Africa, where care and attention is not given to these ailments and children and parents suffer needlessly. Through our Educational programs we hope to go a long way in raising awareness.

Infection Control

Infection in Africa kills children more than actual disease! Preventable diseases are easily transmitted through lack of infection control both at home and at the hospitals. To help alleviate this problem, Liesel Angel Trust Children’s Charity will be providing families of critically sick children with an Angel Pack containing infection control products such as: hand sanitizers, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes, water purifiers, mosquito nets, juicers and syringes for critically sick in children in Africa, in order to combat infection control.

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